Music Puzzles


At Stonybrook Strings, music becomes a lifestyle.

Students will find a nurturing, creative, yet rigorous learning experience where their creative, intellectual, emotional gifts are developed and strengthened. Each student is known and valued deeply.

Frequent performance opportunities, creative projects, and community engagement initiatives engage students’ musicianship by connecting their learning with the world around them. Students broaden their horizons by joining local orchestras, attending summer music festivals, performing in masterclasses, and attending live concerts.

By opening lines of communication through parental involvement in lessons and practice, group playing experiences, and community events, students and parents are motivated and supported by one another.

Students learn to listen carefully and appreciate high musical standards from the beginning — a high level of commitment is expected, which includes consistent and effective daily practice. To achieve these learning outcomes, students are provided a detailed extensive support during and beyond the lesson hour. The incremental progress through daily practice is the “secret” ingredient that creates true growth and confidence. This is how music will change your life!

In the end, the goal is for each student to learn the violin with joy, confidence, and skill, and to live as thoughtful, engaged, and self-motivated individuals.

Maggie Cerjan
From the Director

Learning the violin should be a holistic and joyful process. This is what I strive to bring to my students each week. Students benefit from my multi-faceted experience as a highly trained and experienced educator-performer, and my commitment to continued education in my own practice. I use my training in the Suzuki method, the Orff-Schulwerk process, mindfulness practices, music theory, and habit and practice coaching, to create a curriculum that inspires each student.

I have personally learned the most from mentors who cared deeply about not only my musical and technical ability, but also my well-being and creative interests. I have found that success for students comes when they feel well-supported and heard, and also challenged frequently. I give my students and their families what they need to excel at music in an environment that adapts to their personalities, supports their passions, and allows them to give back to the community through beautiful music.

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